Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We get to go in less than 3 weeks!!!

FINALLY!  The news we've been waiting for since April when we submitted our Dossier.


Dave and I will be flying out on Friday, September 6th and we get to hug our boy on September 9th!

Words can't express how excited, nervous, happy, giddy and just plain RELIEVED I am.

We will be in the country for a week.  Leave Friday and come home the following Saturday.  It's going to be a very emotional trip, but one I've been preparing myself for... for a very long time!  I can't even imagine what its going to be like to be in the same room as the boy in the pictures, the boy that we love.

God truly does move mountains.  Even in the long waits and the uncertainty of this adoption, He has proven over and over again that "He's got this."  The timing of this couldn't have been more perfect!  Hannah and Stella both have birthdays in September.  Stella's is the 1st week and Hannah's is the 3rd week.  Thankfully we are traveling the 2nd week so we won't miss any of our kids' birthday!

Now... for a plea for help!

We are selling puzzle pieces.  If you have been following this blog you probably already know.  But here is the details:

We still have about 138 more pieces to sell.  If we get all of these pieces sold, we will be able to pay off the credit card that we put the plane tickets on, it will cover the cost of the hotels, and the donation we plan to make to the orphanage!  Won't you PLEASE buy a piece or a few pieces?  We are far from being fully funded and we will still have some fees before the 2nd trip, BUT the good news is that God is providing and right now all we are asking for is to sell more pieces and get us through this 1st trip.

For $5, you will get your name or your family's name or your kids/grandkids' names on a puzzle piece.  We hope to sell all of them before we leave on Friday the 6th of September.  That way we can draw for the $100 VISA gift card and it can be in the mail before we leave.  Won't you please help.

It may sound like a lot to ask... to sell 138 pieces in less than 3 weeks.  But I KNOW it's possible!  All things are possible through Christ who gives us strength!  Won't you please be part of Little Z's love story? Thanks for all who have donated so far.  As you can see... the names looks so awesome on the puzzle.  It's filling in quite nicely.  Do you see your name??  (if you bought within the last day or so, its on there, but this picture was taken Monday!)

Thanks for your continued prayers!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Travel date SHOULD be soon! :-)

Still waiting on travel dates.  We are waiting on the Minister of Justice to sign off on our referral then the foundation will schedule travel dates.  With Dave's job, we can't go as quickly as we thought so we need to at least give them 2 weeks notice for him to take a week off.  So, fingers crossed for traveling first week in September.

One thing I am learning... Adoption is unpredictable!!!  It will happen though I promise!

This gives us more time to sell 145 more puzzle pieces.  We have 55 sold so far!!  Woot woot!  Thanks for all the support!  Don't you want your name added to this awesome puzzle?

If you buy a piece for $5 you will not only get your name on the puzzle, but you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 VISA gift card.  Please help!  We really would like to have them sold by the time we leave.  Lofty goal... maybe... but I've seen amazing things happen!  Won't you be part of the "Bringing Little Z home" story??

Also, if you haven't seen this yet, we made a video to share our adoption story.  I'm quite proud that I learned to do this... with Hannah's help of course!!  LOL.  Enjoy our story and share with your friends.

Hopefully in the next couple days we will have our travel dates and we can celebrate even more.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for following our blog.