Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It worked!!!

The plan worked!  Praise the Lord!!!  We walked in... the security guy informed us we didn't have an appointment.  We calmly said, "Yep, we were just in the area and thought we would see if you could work us in."  (Just in the area at 8:00 in the morning LOL).  There were about 3 people ahead of us so he had us wait in some chairs in the corner... he said those were for the walk ins who don't have an appointment :-).

We waited... and waiting... and watched the 3 people ahead of us get called up.  Then the place cleared!  We waited a little longer and all of a sudden like 8 people walked in.  By this time it was 8:40.  Before they got their initial paperwork filled out the guy called me back.  Got my prints taken.  Then one other person had to go and that left Dave still waiting.  It was kinda funny.  Finally at 8:55 Dave was called and he was done by 9:05!


Now probably on Monday I will call to see if we have been assigned a caseworker.  I called today and they said it will not be for another few days if not a week.  So... we wait. But this time it shouldn't be such a long wait :-).

Next step... Send in our Dossier and wait for our referral.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The plan for tomorrow...

Tomorrow... the plan... to walk into the immigration's office up in GR at 8:00 in the morning.  Hand them our paperwork and tell them we have an appointment to get our biometric fingerprinting done.  Then act all casual if they notice that our actual appointment is for April 4th at 8:00.  If they do notice, we will remain calm and ask them if they can squeeze us in because we just drove an hour.

Plan sounds sneaky... but this is what everyone in the adoption world is telling me us.  Many have tried and all have succeeded in this little plan.  We've heard it might cut down on 2 or 3 weeks of the wait.  Heck yeah!!! We have nothing to lose.  (Well, only a couple hours off of work!).

So, tonight please pray that this little plan works, that we can have quick processing of our paperwork, and that everything goes smoothly.  Pray... this whole this is in God's Hands... in His timing.

Our little Z has waited WAY too long!  We are hurrying as fast as we can little one.... We love you!

April 20th is about a month away.  Will you be joining us for our spaghetti dinner and concert to bring this little man home so he can see what LOVE is all about?  We are even having a raffle with some awesome prizes!  We hope that lots of people can come and celebrate our adoption process with us.  Come join us for a great dinner, good music and fellowship.  We are just asking for donations... we believe God will bless this night.  All the money will go directly to helping with the adoption expenses.... we have about $18,000 left to pay out of the $27,000.  This cost includes are travel for both trips.

Will you be part of this feast?  

Thanks for the many friends who have contributed to our auction/raffle.  Wow, we are truly blessed!  We have a bike to give away, lots of homemade items (both baked and crafted), some haircuts, a photography session, gift baskets, and several gift cards to area restaurants and even free bowling games!  We are selling raffle tickets for $1 a piece or 25 for $20.  If you can't join in the feast but would like to try and win an awesome prize, let me know and we can get you some raffle tickets.

We also are in the process of making more soap/hand sanitizers, so if you would like to buy either one for $5 each... let us know!  There will be some to buy on April 20th too.

And you have probably noticed that we are showing Z's picture on here.... it is not a mistake!

I better get to bed so I can be extra sneaky tomorrow at the immigration's department!!!  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Amazing weekend!

Here is a link to our fundraiser to bring little Z home.  If you aren't local, please consider donating to our auction/raffle.  You can email or comment on here if you have anything you would like to donate.  If you are local, please consider coming to this event.  It should be a lot of fun!

This week, we should hear from Immigration for our fingerprint appointments.  We were told we can go in early to speed the process along by a couple weeks.  A couple weeks means possible a couple less weeks that Z has to be in his orphanage.  We will do anything to save him from any more time without a family.

This weekend was AMAZING.  We met a family that many of your have heard us talk about.

I contacted Stephanie back in July (on a whim) requesting information about Z.  She happened to work for an adoption agency that had his file or access to his file.  We quickly became friends.  I told her about my daughter, Hannah's mission of Hannah Hopes and she loved how God was working and just knew HE had a plan for our family.  At that time, we were not ready to commit to adopting.  BUT, we prayed and she prayed.

Stephanie is a person that I consider an amazing prayer warrior for our family.  She is one of the key players for making Hannah Hopes "popular."  Since she posted about Hannah on her blog in September, over 1000 animals have been collected, tagged, and distributed to children who needed comforting!

Stephanie also is my role model.  Her LOVE for orphans and her willingness to spread the word about adoption is amazing.  She has adopted four beautiful girls from Russia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Bulgaria.  She and her husband are also hoping to bring two more beautiful little girls home this summer!  Stephanie is very knowledgeable about adoptions so if ANYONE is considering adoption... I would strongly suggest you contacting her through her blog.  In fact, her and another dear friend of mine are hoping to open up an agency of their own soon :-).

Being around her family and spending time with them this weekend at the adoption conference was truly a blessing.  Her girls all came from orphanages similar to the one that Z is in.  I could see what LOVE can do for a child.  All of them are thriving, happy, and just plain beautiful.  I am so excited to see what LOVE can do for Z!

We were able to get a picture before they packed up and left the conference.  Stephanie and her husband Brian  have made a change for these 4 children.  I thank the good Lord for Stephanie and her encouragement for our family so we can make a change for one also!

(Stella was at the conference with us, but she was to excited to go back to her classes after lunch so she missed the photo opportunity)

Visit Steph's blog to learn more about this amazing family!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quick update

Just wanted to hop on really quick to update before I go to bed. 

Last Thursday we got the FINAL copy of the home study.  The one that was signed and notorized.  Actually we got 4 copies of it!

So, of course last Thursday we mailed our packet to USCIS (U.S. Immigrations).  We should hear from them in the next few days via email saying they recieved it and its being forwarded over to a caseworker.  Then we will get our appointment for our fingerprinting from them.  After that we will go right away and get it done up in GR.  Then we pray that our application is approved in good time. 

We have everything all set and ready to go so as soon as we get the approval from USCIS in our hands, we will mail everything for our Dossier.  Then we will wait some more. 

We are moving right along.  Please pray that things continue to run smoothly.  We still hope to travel to meet him in June. 

This part of the process is a lot of waiting.  Not really exciting... just waiting and imagining what life will be like when he's home.  We love our little boy so much!  God will bring him home in His timing.  We must be patient!

Also... Save the Date!!!

APRIL 20th (it's a Saturday) we are having a spaghetti dinner/concert/ and silent auction fundraiser.  We'd love to see many people there!  If you have anything to donate for the silent auction let me know!