Thursday, May 23, 2013

Norwex Party! Really healthy way to clean!

My friend Becky has just started as a consultant for Norwex products and has offered to give us 25% of the sales if we host a party.

Click here for a short video explaining what Norwex is!

I had not heard about this until a few weeks ago when we had an oven fire and I was overwhelmed with the mess that the powder from the fire extinguisher made in our kitchen and dining room.  Actually, I was in tears on a Sunday morning just thinking about how we'd ever be able to clean it up.

We tried using regular wash cloths and all they were doing was spreading the power around and barely picking it up.  It was a MESS!

Then, Becky told me that she'd come over and help clean it up so she could show me this new product she found.

Within a half hour, we were able to get on our hands and knees and wipe the whole floor up with only the envirocloth!  It was truly awesome and I am totally hooked on these products!!!

Here's the before picture of the floor:

Here's the after picture with using just the envirocloth:

While we were cleaning it up, Becky suggested that we do a fundraiser with Norwex.  She is giving us most of her commission on this show, to help bring little Z home!  This is another WIN-WIN fundraising idea!

The actual show is Sunday, June 9th at 2:00.  Here is the Facebook Event page for details!

But, fear not if you don't live by us or if you don't have time to come to the show.

Between now and June 9th, you can place an order to be counted towards our show by following this link.

Remember, 25% of the sales will go directly to bringing Z home!

Also, anyone who orders items for this show will be placed in a drawing for various host items that I will earn from the show.  It's not right that I would take the items for myself, when this is a fundraising event.  So, anything that I earn at the show for hosting a party... will go directly back to those her order!

For every item purchased, that is one chance to win a product.  The more products you purchase, the more chances you will get to win a product!  The host specials are very generous and I've been told for an average party you get like 5-10 items free!  

So, place your order today!

Now for an update on the adoption process:

Well, not much to report.  We are still WAITING... (not very) patiently!

Our Dossier is in country and we did hear that our foundation over there has our stuff and is translating it. Whenever that is done, it will be submitted to court for the official referral.  Things are slowing down a bit on the government side, but we were told that with the election, it shouldn't take more than a month to start back up again.

So we WAIT, and WAIT, and WAIT some more.

This is very hard to do and we can't wait to meet our little guy.  Thanks for the continued prayers!

Also, don't forget that we are still selling restaurant gift cards.  See the link on the side.  Thanks to everyone who has purchased some so far!

We are also having a fundraiser at the Five Below store on West Main in Kalamazoo this coming weekend.  If you go in there during the weekend, present this (print it out) to the cashier and they will give us 10% of your purchase towards our adoption.  It's a small fundraiser, but if you are going to shop there anyways, you might as well print this out and help us out!

If you are having a hard time printing it, email me and I will send you the file.

THANKS for your support!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day... I LOVE being a mom

Today I am celebrating being a mom for the last 13 years.

When I was younger I would repeatedly ask my mom, "Will God be mad if I don't have any kids?"  I was scared to death of the thought of giving birth!  LOL.  Little did I know that God knew my fears, but also knew I was meant to be a mom!  I only had 2.5 hours of labor with Hannah and was able to deliver her completely naturally... pushing for only 4 minutes.  (5 years later I gave birth to Stella and my labor was 3 hours and I only pushed for 1 minute).  Yep, God KNEW my fears and I can honestly say I am so thankful :-).

I would like to introduce you to my children... the ones that call me "MOM."

This is Hannah Clare about 13 years ago:

God blessed me with Hannah when I was a sophomore in college at Siena Heights.  I was a single mom for 3 years.  During those three years Hannah taught me that being a mom is the most challenging and also the most rewarding job in the world.  I wouldn't trade it for anything... even though some days she can be very moody and hard to be around! 

A few years after having Hannah, God knew my job as a parent wasn't going to stop with just Hannah.  I met Dave and with Dave, came 3 more kids (two that call me "mom").

This is Emily, Hannah and David shortly after I met them.  

This is Katlynn with Hannah and David.

8.5 years ago, God blessed Dave and I with Stella Rose.  

Stella is such a joy!  For those who haven't seen her for a while... please know that when she turned about 5, she finally stopped crying, whining and screaming... well, she still whines a little LOL!

Okay... I think you get the point LOL.  

So, that's how I went from a family of two... to a family of seven shortly after marrying Dave!

The last 9 years have been both the hardest years of my life and the most amazing years.  Blending a family is very challenging, but I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything! 

Right now, the three younger girls live at home with us.  It works for us.  David come over anytime he wants, which is every other weekend and sometimes during the week.  He is an avid skater and is always calling us to see if we can go rollerskating with him.  Their mom is awesome and will even take Stella and Emily skating if we don't feel like going.  She has a three year old little boy that fits right in!

These girls are growing into some amazing young ladies.

Who still like to be little kids sometimes!

Little Z is going to fit right into our family.  The kids are always saying, "When little Z comes..." or "Can we buy Z this?" or "We can take Z here!"  

We can't wait to fill that extra seat in the van, at the table, on the couch, at the pew at church, etc!  

Now that you "met" our family... here's an update on the adoption:

Last week we did not get our referral to travel.  We were told that last week was the last time the current IAC would be meeting until after the elections... which are this week.  Well, we found out that they will be meeting one last time this week!  So, there is still hope that we will get our referral this week and possibly be able to travel in June!  It has not been announced as to when the newly elected IAC will resume meeting.  Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

There is still time to buy Restaurant gift cards.   See the right side of this blog for more information or this post... what a great way to get free food while helping to bring Z home!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Asking for prayers this week

We believe in the power of prayer and this week we are rallying all our friends to PRAY.  

You see, in little Z's country there will be an election on May 15th.  That means there will be some delays in getting our referral.  The referral is the last step that we need in order to travel.  

We send our dossier to our agency on April 15th.  They sent it to our foundation shortly after that.  I'm guessing the week of the 22nd.  The foundation has to translate the documents and then submit it to the International Adoption Counsel (IAC) of the government so that they can read it over and give us our referral for Z.  

We were told that Wednesday this week (May 8th) was the last day that the IAC will meet until after the election.  It's unclear when they will resume meeting... could be a few week or even a month until that part of the government is up and running after the election.  

Once again, we believe that this whole process is in God's timing.  He knows when Z will be home and He is guiding this process.  So far, everything has been very smooth and rather quick.  Praise the Lord!  

This week, please pray that our foundation was able to translate our dossier quickly and in time for this meeting on the 8th.  Please pray that we get our referral before the election.  If this is not what is supposed to happen, then please pray that the government starts meeting again quickly after the election.  The quicker this step, the sooner Z will be home for good.  We will still have to wait 4-6 months after we go on the first trip, but at least we can start that countdown when we travel.

Getting a referral this quickly will be nothing short of a miracle though.  It takes quite a while for the foundations to translate the documents.  But I also know that it is possible... especially when God is leading this... which He is! 

The adoption process is emotionally draining.  The paperwork... not bad especially after just completing my MBA... I'll take adoption paperwork ANY DAY over writing another paper for a class!!  But the waiting and waiting and MORE waiting is hard.  I'm not going to lie.  There are many days when I'm getting out of work and my mind thinks about little Z... his country is 6 hours ahead of us.  I think of him laying in his crib alone.  He is probably just going to bed when I get out of work.  I wonder if anyone tucks him in at night.  I pray a lot for God to surround him with love and bring comfort to our little guy.  Then when I wake up I wonder what he is having for lunch.  Is someone taking the time to feed him and talk to him?  I can't wait until he gets home so that we can lovingly prepare his lunch and dinner for him.  And we can tuck him in at night.  

Soon little Z... soon will be your day to be REDEEMED!  Soon you will know who we are and how much we love you!

Thanks for your prayers!