Friday, October 11, 2013

While we wait for a signature

Waiting for a signature... Our article 5 is submitted so all that's left is we wait.  And wait...

Waiting can be a little fun.  We are preparing for our little boy.  Preparing is REALLY fun and it makes it so real :-).

Want to see how we are preparing??

Well, first...

Every little boy traveling to America needs some luggage.

And he will need a car seat to ride in.  I'm sorta (well really) excited that I will have a rear facing child again!  At 8 years old no less.  I think I may have hit the record :-)

And of course he needs a helicopter to remind him of his trip to the USA!

And as soon as he hits American soil, he needs a shirt to remind him that he becomes an "All American Boy"

Then, in order to fit into our family, he needs fire shirts.  Boys in our family wear fire shirts so they can match their daddy!

 (I love that this one says, "Mom's little Hero!"

And as we prepare to paint his room, he needs new bedding to match the light blue walls.

My awesome friend gave us some clothes!  We are figuring on 2T and 3T sizes.  I think 2T will fit in the waist, but 3T might be better in the length.  He's kinda a tall, skinny little dude!

And although we plan to do cloth, my friend also gave me some diapers that her son outgrew!  These are size 6 so it will be a little while before he fits into them.  Hopefully by next summer.  We figure it will take him a good year to get adjusted and to learn how to go like a big boy.  His world is going to be turned upside down and I am not going to push this right away.

And finally... This is the shirt he will wear home on the airplane.  I think it's TOTALLY perfect!

Bring on the signature and COURT DATE!!  WE ARE READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. That is some seriously cute stuff! I can't wait to see pictures of Z wearing his American Boy shirt!