Monday, January 27, 2014

Leaving in 5 days!!!

The time has finally come...Zahari will be in my arms on February 3rd!

Please pray that this weather gets better.  My kids had a snow day Friday and now school is closed today and tomorrow!  Pray that Chicago is clear on Saturday so we can fly out.

We will arrive back in the USA on February 12th.

Dave will be staying behind to hold down the fort.  We thought it would be better this way because 12 days away from the kids can be very difficult.

I'm a little nervous about leaving my family.  Dave doesn't know how to cook like I do :-).  He can cook, but he thinks a great meal is french fries and anything fried.  If you are local and would like to help him out... please consider this website that my friend set up.  No worries if not though... I'm sure my parents will help out some.    You have no idea how much this would mean to us. Also, if you want to sign up after we come home, you will be able to meet the little fellow!  I think we will be quite busy in the weeks to follow when we get home.  Thanks!

Mommy's coming little guy... soon!!  Really soon!!!

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